Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An 'Unexpected Email'

Sometimes life seems to play games with you. Or should I say fair games? ya - makes sense - anyway who cares?? You are only a part of a flow, a perfect rhythm, every thing under this sky and sun looks so beautiful, so pleasant, that the last thing you want is an 'unexpected email' lying in your inbox. (since you don’t know how to deal with it)

Believe me, during those times, you tend to attribute far lower value to the person who created the service of sending an email. You just want to grab that person’s neck and may be rule out his/her option of living in this world. Guess that is the effect of an unexpected email – an indomitable power to make you a murderer. :)

Best thing to keep in mind is - the next time you logon to your inbox, expect something unexpected and give a damn to it (that is what I learnt)!!!


Kiran banda said...

What's that email that tried to almost turn you a 'murderer'?? guess, that's an email from your boss asking u to work on a weekend ;-)

Kiran banda said...
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Ryan said...

Hey there , Life itself is unexpected , and why do always like the good unexpected and hate the bad unexpected thats not fair , Try taking everything in life with a pinch of salt and tell your self this "THINGS ARE NEVER AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS AND THINGS ARE NEVER AS BAD IT MAKE SEEMS"
Regards Ryan

deepa said...

hey I agree with Ryan completely...well said...we keep on saying to each other na..."chill babes"!!! :-)