Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cheerfulness - Osho

“Nothing that comes and goes is you.
"I am bored." Who knows this?
"I am angry, sad, and afraid." Who knows this?
You are the knowing, not the condition that is known.” – (Eckhart Tolle)

Today I was feeling real jaded rather frustrated at work. Well, I guess most of us have the tendency to get bored or frustrated at work especially when the work is not of ones interest. That is the time when one panics the most and all negative thoughts start corrupting ones mind as well as thoughts. But a huge thanks to internet – some how I manage to read some motivational articles whenever I undergo such situations. These articles generally serve a source of inspiration and at times do lift my spirits.

Read this article somewhere by Osho and gained the zeal of moving on ahead again and off course with cheerfulness in life.

Be of good cheer. Let cheerfulness become a climate that surrounds you day in, day out. Cheerfulness should not remain just an emotion that comes once in a while; it should be a constant undercurrent. On the surface you may be doing anything, but deep down there should be a singing heart.

You maybe involved in day-to-day activities of life, but deep down your energies should remain in a dancing mood. That's the real art of being a sannyasin/renunciate: being in the world and yet not of it. And the only way to fulfill this is to remain ordinary with cheerfulness, otherwise, life becomes boring, one has to do the same things again and again. It becomes routine and rut.

Unless you can remain cheerful, life is bound to become heavier every day. Unless you can keep cheerfulness flowing, your life is going to become dormant, stagnant. Stagnant water start stinking, it remains fresh only if it flows. And the only thing that can keep you flowing is cheerfulness. So don't miss an opportunity; whenever you can, laugh, smile, dance, sing.

Then a miracle happens one day: you become so full of light that you can go in darkness and the darkness disappears. You become so cheerful that you can go into sadness and the sadness starts laughing.


Suniel said...
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Suniel said...

Cheerfulness meaning ...Being in good spirits always.

Sometimes when I am all alone. I sit in the corner of my room with my eyes closed...and my heart starts thinking...

How can I be cheerful...
...when there is so much pain all around me.

How can I be cheerful...
...when somewhere a mother is crying for her only son's loss.
...when somewhere a father is dying as his daughter is raped.
...when somewhere in the valley a son has died with the gun on his side.
...when somewhere a bud has been nipped off before it can blossom into a beautiful and bright flower.

How can I be cheerful...
...when someone somewhere has perished in the incessant rains.
...when someone somewhere has died of a fatal disease and has blood all over his bed.
...when someone somewhere has been crushed under the rubbles of his once beautiful home.

You say, be of good cheer. Let cheerfulness become a climate that surrounds you day in, day out...
...But how can I be cheerful when we are living in a country where every day hundreds of men, women and children are dying with hunger and poverty. Where children are drowning in man made bore wells.
Where life has no value and can be taken for a few hundred rupees.
Where Caste system is prevalent in our society like a cancer even after 60 Years of freedom.

How can I be cheerful when somewhere a girl child has been abandoned and thrown away in the garbage or is being sold away for a few cents.

You say, that cheerfulness should be a constant undercurrent and on surface whatever we may be doing our hearts should always be singing... think for a while and tell me dear how can be a butcher be cheerful whose job is to kill, clean blood and cut can he be cheerful with so much of brutality all around him.

You say, unless you can keep cheerfulness flowing, your life is going to become dormant, stagnant. Stagnant water starts stinking, it remains fresh only if it flows...
...But how can I keep cheerfulness flowing in me when the once gushing rivers around me are being polluted and poisoned.
You say that stagnant water stinks, but only stagnant water can hold life...a beautiful Lotus can only live in stagnant waters...the green mangroves can thrive only on stagnant waters.

I am not trying to show a negative picture but these are some true bitter facts of life. I am strong believer that Yes! There is light at the end of a tunnel...but being cheerful all the time is hard to digest for people whose lives have been damaged by death, atrocities and poverty.
I can be truly cheerful only when each and every living being on this earth is happy for this wonderful life gifted to us by god almighty.
God Bless All.