Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pictures from Daddy's Garden

Potted Plants


deepa said...
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deepa said...

hahaha...I knew isme kisine comment nahi diya hoga..but I think this blog is equally relevant as the rest�one saying comes in my mind, although a very common one, but still holds great value � Beauty lies in Simplicity.

One more thing- Remember babes when you first showed the hibiscus pic in office? We were observing it so closely and praising those minute lil things in that flower which usually do not capture our attention � this summarizes our approach towards life as well � waiting for big happenings in life on the cost of small sweet moments that just come and go. This is something almost everybody says but how many of us implement??

I think I have implemented it today � by writing this comment for you - hehehe

S.Selvakumar said...

Hi it is gr8