Sunday, January 27, 2008

Boredom and routine - is it bothering you?

There are various times when all of us get a little down and may be even a little depressed in life. After all we all are human beings and experiencing such feelings at times is genuine. But caution - sticking to those feelings and thinking about them all the time makes life miserable and unhappy. So, guess every person should have an onus to fight against such feelings whenever they start corrupting ones mind.

Recently, I was talking to my best friend and she seemed to be totally lost in dismay. Sometimes I wonder - what really bothers people. Even if they have best of things in life - I mean education, marriage, children, family, monetary status but still people are bothered and frustrated complaining about one or other thing. Cribbing about people seems to be their hobby.

After talking to my friend for one long hour, I came to know that the reason behind her depression and frustration was - routine and boredom. Actually, boredom and following a set routine is a general complaint which many of us face. No matter whether one is single or married- routine and boredom is part and parcel of life. Now, the main question which needs to be answered is - how does one eliminate the plagues of boredom and routine.

Well the first thing which I would really suggest (to someone one going through such feeling) is - talk about it. Get a significant other – may be your best friend, family member or colleague. Bend their ear, that is what they are their for. Do not keep anything confined to yourself which might result you being in more depression.

If you think you really don’t have any one (which can be a rare case) best think to do is locate the root cause of why are you bored. Once you have done that half your problem is solved. Playing your favourite game, listening to your favourite songs, reading a book, taking a hot water bath, taking a long stroll in the garden, looking at the sunset/sunrise are some other ways to feel relaxed. And in case nothing seems to work - practice some meditation at early morning and see how it works. :)


Abhay said...

Bolle Tooo Jhakaas....You are very right..Frnz are made to listen/share whatever there is to shale or say..Very alluding topic and blog.

Kiran banda said...

Well, (in Sudeep's words) - "the key is to keep yourself busy / engaged in an entertaining activity ;-) " .. putting it simply, "have a hobby :-)" 'coz we might get bored at work (or something that you do daily) and a hobby can be like a refreshment.. listening to music, painting, singing,movies, etc, etc..
Boredom can be due to loneliness too ;-) and a hobby can give u some relief :-)

Sravanthi said...

well i agree with ur suggestions as well as Kiran's.. need to engage in something or the other. Need to think and do something new all the time.. keep a target and get working at it is best to get rid of boredom.. also have someone to share your boredom with...

Smitha said...

Good suggestion..even i feel the same.
the more you are free more u get disturbed.So engage yourself in things you like..things which keeps you busy.
Just thinking leaves u will screw u up.
When ever i get bored.. i go on shopping, watch movies, read books :)