Friday, March 21, 2008

Gole ka concept Avoo ke zubani........

Ever wondered why important things in world are round. Hmmmm!!! Avoo, my 2 year old nephew realizes and makes us also realize...why important things in life are GOLMATOL..Avoo keeps singing this rhyme for the whole day and last night when I was going to sleep the lyrics of this rhyme somehow appealed to me.The poem goes like this -

Uper chanda gol gol,
Neeche darti gol gol,
Mummy ke roti gol gol,
Daddy ka paisa gol gol,
Dada ka cheshma gol gol,
Dadi ke bindi gol gol,
Tu aur mei Gol Matol :)


Anonymous said...

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Abhay said...

Very Nice one and really very jesting. I love the poem very much.