Saturday, May 17, 2008

Positive Thinking : The Best Attitude

“Successful men become successful only because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success. “ - Napoleon Hill

Often when we have to interact with a group of people, the most attractive and appealing person is the person who is cheerful, has a smiling face and behaves as if he or she is enjoying every moment. Such people have an optimistic outlook on life. They are the ones with a positive attitude. In contrast to this could be the people who are focusing on the negative aspects of everything. Such pessimists, the ones with negative attitudes, do not attract others in the same way.

Having a positive attitude means getting on with the job on hand. It means not brooding over what is gone before, nor fearing too much what might happen in the future. If there is a problem, positive thinkers quickly think of ways to solve it. Passing the buck, blaming other people or circumstances are excuses and alibis such positive people avoid. If such a negative thinker alone cannot sole a problem, he or she seeks help from competent people. To have a positive attitude means not to feel that it is below one's dignity to seek assistance.

Of course, even the greatest optimist cannot smile all the time and feel good. The ups and downs of life cause every one to feel a touch of melancholy now and then, when everything seems hopeless. But developing a positive attitude helps us bounce back from every challenges and difficult experience, ready to face whatever life bring. To get the best out of life, we owe it to ourselves to approach everything - work, friendships and relationships, with a positive attitude.
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Kiran banda said...

Like everyone, I too advocate the statement "Be positive" (Easy to say than to be) I opine that you get some qualities (say gifts) by birth and that's ur luck but one gets better by interacting with ppl or facing situations.Putting it simply, A positive thinking is a consequence of one's interaction with postive minded people and being composed in negative situations ;-)

Abhay said...

50% i agree to the statement"Positive Thinking : The Best Attitude" as i also went through Bad Time in my life and rest 50% to Luck also.just because of these two i have many things to share and locomote my life with Loads of Joy