Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OXYMORON of the day - “Mummy’s Career”

A sneak preview at my Didi's day :)

From: Kalpana Bhushan (meri bhadi behan)
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2008 12:24 PM
To: 'Atreya Rayaprolu' (mere jiju)
Cc: 'Neelam Dhar' - (Mein hun na!)
Subject: Total chaos

My driver is on leave today..( as usual di, he never comes....moral start driving your own car)

10:00: Call Nanny.She has to go to school to pick up Adhvik with Randheer's - (di ka pakka mitr) driver.She is travelling,does not take call.
10:01: Call again.She can't hear me.
10:02: Call again.Message conveyed.
10:35: Randheer reaches office.
10:40: Call his driver.Driver is not in office.Will come back only at 11:30.Some begging and pleading and he agrees to come back at 11:20.
11:08 Uncle (di's ke sasurji) calls.He will go and pick up Adhvik.(Mera Bhanja)
11:09: Call Randheer’s diver.He is not required.
11:10: Call Manju (Adhvik ki nanny).Uncle will go and bring Adhvik.Wait at home.
11:12: Call school.FIL coming he will follow the van.
11:20: Calling and calling and calling uncle …no response.
11:35: Call from school.No one has come to pick up Adhvik. Van is about to leave.
11:36: Uncle still not responding.
11:36: Call school to tell them to come till food world so that Nanny can come there and pick up Adhvik
11:37: Call uncle.He is following the van.
11:38: Call Nanny.Cook for uncle.
11:45: Call home to find out if Adhvik has reached.He has,but is cranky.
11:50: Call uncle to speak to Adhvikmummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, mummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, mummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…and cranky.
12:00: Uncle calls to tell me to pay tatasky bill
12:02: Call uncle to confirm that bill has been payed.

And all this when I am in middle of making two important docs before I leave for lunch...

OXYMORON of the day “Mummy’s Career”!!


Raj Shekhar Jeeee said...

To be very frank...I was unable to follow this post....but iam sure it makes a lot of sense .....
Is it really a mail sent or u created it :P

Abhay said...

Jabardast....Hai Dost....Kaya Time table hai...Award Winning Blog..

Sravanthi said...

hope you did not miss out anything on the way ;)