Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Money – is it everything in life?

It’s hard to be without money. To get on without it is like traveling in a foreign country without a passport – you are stopped, suspected and made ridiculous at every turn, besides being subjected to the most serious inconveniences. Money plays a crucial part in our life as well as in relationships and the truth is that, in many situations - it becomes a decisive factor. Life is just impossible without a buck in your pocket. Young or old, rich or poor, this is one thing which is equally essential for everyone, something you can’t survive without. Emotions and sentiments have got their own share in life but in day to day life, our day starts with money and perhaps - ends with MoNeY. You can’t imagine a single day stepping out of your home without your wallet. At crucial times, money lets you realize on whom you can count and depend on.

Money is one thing which doesn’t have any substitute. Even if your heart breaks today, sooner or later you will find someone else to share your grief and to make up your wounds. It may take time but it will surely heal. This is the reality. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. To put this in the crudest most materialistic way, though there’s no substitute of love, there is still substitute for your “beloved ones”, but there is no substitute of money. You can’t give up all your money and lead your life with something else.

Money as well power is like two sides of a coin. Money begets power and power begets money. I find it really heartbreaking to see this trend growing day by day when people do not hesitate to harm each other, even own brothers just for the sake of money. After all at the end of the day, what you are as a person is all that actually matters, not how much you own/earn.

Like anything else - money has its own limitations. It’s just a means to give your material comfort and time. It can save you from miseries which can be fought with factors available to purchase- like house, medicine, book, wealth etc. It can’t provide you the food for your heart and soul, your intellectual needs, the serenity and strength of your character, courage and wisdom. It can’t make you satisfied, content, relaxed and happy. After all, money is not every thing in life.


bhavin said...


'Money as well power is like two sides of a coin.'

I found this very interersting! I guess both sides of a coin make it worth MoNeY!!!

S.Mahathi said...

Really an eye opening post.
Even i came across people who behave accordingly in these money matters and i hate such kind of mentality and behavior.No one in this world will take the money along with them when they die.So WHY they are like that.
Everybody should realize this.Hope this soon enlighten the whole world.
Congrats! you have started with this post.
Keep posting like this posts always.