Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thank you for everything

It has been long since I posted and I would say the reason for not posting is IPL (credit goes to Lalit Modi), 2009 Lok Sabha elections as well as am doing too many things together. I find no time to scribble these days.

Well as many of you might be familiar, I have added one more year to my life. I did celebrate my birthday on - May 23 (this is for all those who forgot to wish me on my birthday! At least remember it now :P) and this post is particularly for all those who made me feel precious on this very important day of mine.

I have received some incredible gifts from my friends as well as family. And this post is particularly for a close pal who says – “Neel tujaye kabhi aapni feelings express nahi karni aati.” :) I might not be good at expressing it but then thanks a ton for letting me know that and I promise to work on it from now.

For the time being, this one is for all of you - family as well as friends – (particularly for Alka) - you all are so sweet to remember my big day! What I do have of course is all of you and that makes every day special. I appreciate all you did very much, including your time and attention for me. With a wonderful bunch of people like you to spend time with, any age is great. My love to you all. God Bless!


Kalpana said...

Was tired of seeing no post.Thanks for being back in action!!

Looking for all on zoo-zoos and other stuff.


S.Mahathi said...

Same here.. i was soo desperate to see a post on ur blog.
BHD(Belated Happy birthday)

Raj Shekhar Jeeee said...

So it seems that a stimulant is always needed to wake u up from inactivity to posting a blog.

Seems that you had a wonderfully gr8 bday party and gathering. I guess party for me is due....or rather just say that...all parties for me will come in a single GO....

God Bless and may all your dreams/desires and ambitions come up to reality and happiness surround you all the way.

Raj Shekhar Jeeee said...

Oops ...just missed out one more thing..the flowers ...yellow roses seem to be very beautiful-though less beautiful than the beauty herself.... pouring in ...huh

Alka said...

Neeelaamm....hope you have many such lovely bdays and gifts...hope u enjoyed the day and all ur gifts. God bless you and best wishes for a bright future ahead.