Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Never miss a corner

I have always found a mysterious sense of beauty associated with a corner. What awaits round any corner is always a surprise....a mystery..... a secret gate.... a new road! Unfortunately, when the corner is right next to you....very close, and you have passed by it very so often, you don't tend to realize or appreciate that beauty. Well, this particular corner shop came up so quietly that I never noticed (yeah, I have grown old). Over a period of time, this corner has managed to brew everything from coffee and hot irani chai to some fantastic dum aloos. If a lot can happen over coffee, I can assure you that almost everything in life can happen over dum aloos!! Wait as more unfolds....

Sometimes, you never realize how rewarding losing a game of TT can be (it is always great to have a bet to spice things up!), and for this opportunity, I am as thankful to God for not making me an expert sportsman as I am to the Company that hosted so many fantastic matches (I only hear of course!) amongst its employees and nurtured my most potent rival at this wonderful indoor sport.

More after the next match..... promise you that this one is going to be tough!!


Kalpana Bhushan said...

Better be at my office in 10 minutes.Nahi tho dono ka dam aloo banega.

Neeru's Corner said...

Excellent start jija sa....Will try to beat you in all the matches of TT from now..I want many more posts...Be ready for loosing...:)