Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Barsaat ka asar

Just back from home and the weather is perfect for a long drive. The wind and the light drizzle,ahhhhhhhhh..Why do we morons have to sit in office writing and evaluating lines and lines of code ;o(.

Since someone (there is ONLY one person who can do that) banned me from listening to JS at home, I decided to PASTE (post) my favorite JS ghazals minimum one in a month, right here at her doorstep ;o).

Here is one such soulful, soothing one.My fav -- the first and the last two lines.If only we remember and keep them in our mind all the time!!

Duniya jise kehte hain jadoo ka khilona hai
Mil jaye to mitti hai kho jaye to sona hai

Achchha sa koi mausam tanha sa koi aalam
Har waqt ka rona to bekaar ka rona hai

Barsaat ka badal to deewana hai kya jane
Kis raah se bachna hai kis chhat ko bhigona hai

Gum ho ki khushi dono kuchh der ke saathi hain
Phir rastaa hi rastaa hai hansna hai na rona hai!!

Mood: Shant

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bhavin said...

Keep it up... you atleast have one reader who will enjoy such posts. It still hasn't started raining here in Ahmedabad, just empty grey clouds and damp winds from the river down the window, making evenings littrle sad... remind me of one nice gazal by Hariharan,

jo bhi dukh yaad na tha yaad aya,
aaj na jaane ye kya yaad aaya.
Yaad aaya tha bichhadnaa tera,
fir nahi yaad ke kya yaad aaya.