Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Experiences with CRM Sessions

As a child I grew up being very naughty. I used to be a naughty child although very good at studies but naughtiness used to be one of my ingrained characteristics.

Lately, I have been taking CRM sessions (for those who do not understand the jargon – CRM means Customer Relationship Management) in office. Actually, one of my passions would be teaching. Conducting CRM sessions was fun and in addition to imparting sessions to my colleagues it gave me a chance where I could brush my own skills.

After conducting CRM sessions for a month here is what I can summarize from my personal experience:

1) Teaching is a two way process where the teacher is the giver and the student is the receiver. It involves a relation between the mind of one person (teacher) and the mind of another (student).
2) It is important for a teacher to be patient while teaching. There are times when one can be tested for his/her patience levels and am sure people who have higher levels of patience can turn out to be marvelous teachers.
3) Expect unexpected things from students.
4) Never ask from the students the unreasonable, ask what they are unable to give.
5) Before imparting any lecture it’s a good practice to read and understand the topic before hand. Learn before you preach should be the motto of a good teacher.
6) It’s important to use real life examples while imparting lectures. In this way the receiver gets a clear understanding of the topic as well as the situation.
7) One of the important challenges which a teacher can face is to keep the interest of the students alive for the whole session. This requires lot of skill. Asking questions and encouraging student to interact helps in reducing the monotony.

Teacher is not merely a talking book or a broadcast to an unknown audience he/she should be held in utmost reverence. It is important to give respect to teachers because teaching is devoted to the good of others. It is an act of supreme generosity which few can impart.


bhavin said...

Good, so you got a chance to teach!!! :)
My parents are in teaching profession, and I used to ask them in childhood,"why is it that teachers, who give all the possible knowledge to their students, are paid less than the students who later become doctors, engineers etc?" They used to say, we are paid so that we can continue doing what we want to... :) I feel so happy that I was the first student of my mother, even before she took it as profession! I have occasionally experienced the satisfaction coming from giving knowledge!

Atreya said...

Looks like you enjoyed your sessions immensely! A nice summary of take-aways and it will help us to know exactly what experience made you come up with that take-away!

I find it hard to find activities that are as satisfying and enjoyable as a good interactive teaching session. Firstly, it forces you to understand whatever you teach so well that you actually end up understanding whatever you teach (actually tells u how little u understood things the first time) and secondly, it tends to give you the feeling that you know something better than the others (hehe, isn't that so nice for your ego!)!! In any case, there is always something new that one ends up learning when either preparing for the session or taking the session, irrespective of the number of times that you have taken it.

Also, the sessions themselves can be so very different - a teacher and a bunch of students (with age difference like in primary school or in college!), a teacher and a bunch of students with little age difference (in corporates and trainings), 2 friends preparing for an exam, a father and a daughter etc. I love those moments when 2 friends (either preparing for an exam or just learning ANYthing new) try and provoke each other and test each other's limits on their understanding of various concepts and then, scores over one another!!

Keep teaching! and beyond CRM too.....the country needs many more of them, and yes, did anyone tell you that you make a fantastic teacher ? ;)

Rajivkk said...

I have been always been witness to the latent talent of your's wherin you apply yourself full-fledged into making the hearer understand ABCD of the subject.....Not many people have this ability to make things simple and to let others give a clearer picture of the whole scenario....and that you have done that in front of all makes this a memorable and happy experience to me.

Teachers, apart from making, things clearer also have to undergo many other facets for eg: maintaining decorum in the class, discipline and at the same time let the environment be of a joyful kind. And above all, at the end of the day, to carry the same respect of all the pupils.

My sincere and heartiest bow to all the teachers, wherever they are, who have made me what I am and I just wish to say to them "Thank You"

Abhay said...

I have never seen a sweet and enthusiastic teacher like you before....It seems that u enjoyed the proffession jisse hum sabse jiyada gaaliyan dete hain :)

Ryan said...

You have mentioned some really greats points in the blog , teachers as people who impart knowlegde and teaching as a profession has always had a soft spot in neeru's heart right from her days of being a student. It is great to see that same passion even after a being a teacher ... Keep going tiger...

Raj Shekhar Jeeee said...

Very frankly, reading ur latest post on 'Teachers' made me sit up and think, why I could never end up being called as a teacher,let alone a good one. Given my habit of excessive 'bhashanbaazi'(yes I have been accused with this), I never realized the nuances of the profession. It surely involves what all you said and a few points more I guess.
Seems that many have been witness to your excellently passionate teaching skills - I might have missed .... but its better late then never....
kudos...keep up the gr8 postings...

Alka said...

Being one of the recipients of knowledge (CRM and general) from you, I can
certainly say that your passion for teaching is evident. A teacher should
possess certain requisite qualities expected of him/her, as listed in your
post. Your enthusiasm was contagious to everyone, as we used to look
forward for the classes each morning. The examples given while teaching
each topic made understanding easy and simple. A few things worth
mentioning would be your being patient, being prepared before the class
with the topic, motivating and encouraging us, being firm yet polite, listening
to us and learning new things yourself during the entire process. Would like
to take this opportunity to appreciate and sincerely thank you for taking up
this responsibility wonderfully well and passing such useful knowledge to us.
It was an interesting, learning, motivating and enjoyable experience, and we
do miss the classes btw :-)

Kiran banda said...

If I can add to the list - "Do not teach what is right, instead, teach what is wrong and why it is so and let the student appreciate the "right" :-)