Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mind, execution and random thoughts!

From past few weeks I have been running around - at home and at work. My mind has never stopped thinking, it has been continuous in thought process - in making castles, in making plans but execution has always failed and that is what torments me. I was reading an article which said,” Execution is everything. Plan all you want, dream all you can, then turn that key or you've accomplished nothing. Execution is what separates those with lofty ideas from those who end up winning the game. It's about taking strategies and making sure they are implemented with power.” Ahh! When will I learn to execute things!! That is a big mystery which I am sure will get resolved sooner or later.

Its 12.30 AM which means 4th October, 2009 has passed and new day has already started. I see all my family members deep in slumber. Few more hours and it will be bright and sunny but right now the drawing room is dark, empty and silent. It is windy outside and I can hear the buzzing of the mosquitoes. The collage on my cupboard reminds me of good old days, of the moments spent with family and friends. Some books lie on my bed side reminding me that I need to go through them as soon as possible. I can see the curtain of my room moving to and fro. I lie in discomfort thinking of the day - how it started and how it came to an end. My eyes are tired. How I wish – there should be better understanding between people and better way of executing plans. I need to work on it - soon.


bhavin said...

Welcome back to blogging miss ND..
Isn't it good that your mind has never stopped thinking? active mind!! And I guess executions generally don't fail as you said, it's just that sometimes we do not realize the prioroties of our plans. During these few weeks you must have completed the other higher priority tasks.. so just have patience... and chill... you are already on track... You promised me that you will read and comment on my posts, and you did that ysterday! ...
m happy:)

sonia tehlani said...

hello really ur blog post are awesome ...... loved them like anything .... i too right but not much ...... need to talk to u...... if u have time aur want to contact me.... it would be my pleasure :

Abhay said...

Waoo..Its so enthusiastic and i feel very enriched