Friday, February 5, 2010

Beauty of Nature

Of late I have been quite irregular with my writings. There are so many thoughts to write about, so many incidents to capture, so many people to talk about but the lame excuse which any human being can give and I am no more exception to it is - "I don’t have time, I am lazy….blah blah."

Anyways, I was wondering for quite some days if I could write a few lines on - nature. The thought process started when I went on a trip to Vizag a few weeks ago along with my family. We went to a lot of places - sea shores, beaches, mountains, jungles and all of them had one common thing to share - the beauty of nature.

The most astonishing part about nature is its flexibility. It has no consistency to follow, no ideas, no rules, nothing. It has no expectations like us humans have instead it is always giving something or the other. It has everything to give and nothing to take. It does not complain of anything, it’s frugal. It behaves without any selfish intentions.

The beauty of nature is so mystic; the silence it offers is awesome. It has everything to appeal. In the morning it was raining, in the evening it is not raining. In the afternoon it was cloudy and now it is cloudier. It simply goes on moving. When the day becomes night, there is not even a slight hesitation. It simply slips into the night. Then the night slips into the day. The starry nights are always special and inspirational with the moon overlooking at a distance. The sky is so infinite and the sea - it can take the burdens of everyone and still flow effortlessly. The waves on the sea produce mystic sounds and the chilly winds which blow are breath taking.

Everything about nature is so pious.In our small existence ,we have two maybe three moments that define the way we live and for me each time I spend time with mother nature would definitely be my best moments in life.


bhavin said...

U know what neeru? I feel nature is the reflection of our own mind or thoughts and attitude towards life. It will look beautiful to a beautiful mind, it will look peaceful to a calm mind, but iut will look empty and dry to a lost mind!
May be that's why, the way we are or the way we react is called our 'nature'!

S.Mahathi said...

By this post i can tell you that your mind was fresh.
People who feel lonely in this world are not lonely they are'nt coz as you said mother nature is always with them.
By reading this post i felt a bit relifed with my daily tensions.

Abhay said...

Neels,what I feel about nature is "Lose yourself in nature and find peace" and somewhere somewhat i felt the same while reading your thoughts.

Alka Singh said...

Finally, a post that reflects your inner self!
True, nature can bring in such beautiful moments in our life.Nature has its own way of affecting our moods too. It is amazing just how relaxing it is to sit back and enjoy the natural sounds - of the birds, the woods, the trees, the ocean, the winds etc. When we see the sunrise and sunset we feel cheerful, its refreshing to see the flowers blossoming, when we walk on the green grass and feel its freshness, the starry night and the moonlight makes us feel romantic ;-).This earth is a beautiful place...hope we learn to appreciate and preserve it :-)

Rajivkk said...

Everything is in front of us to inspire but few hear the silent whispers...The Nature is a perfect example of the flawlessness in its mind, openness of its heart and yet togetherness of its Whole. That's why it's called Nature -- so that we learn, improve and live-by our nature by being like Nature....Long Live Nature, for "2012" has been quite a smashing hit throughout the globe :-)