Monday, March 22, 2010

An Ode to Michael Jackson

I was going through my mail box last night when I opened a mail from Jija. Thought to post it.

Jija in his mail writes ,"I still remember how some of my friends (from school) used to be so very kicked about the albums 'Thriller' (Just beat it) and 'Bad' (I'm bad, who's bad!) trying to imitate him, dance like him and of course, moonwalk like him. More lately, his 'History' album (this was when I was in my first year at IIT) was also followed quite a bit although it was a flop. I remember the 'We are the world' song for its lyrics and the music.

Reading about all the criminal investigations and the molestation cases is so very disturbing somehow. Wish I could understand better how a mind like his runs..... I remember thinking about how I had loved Mackaulay Culkin after his 'Home Alone' and how it was disturbing to see the growth of a child being killed owing to the 'star status' and how he was eventually drawn into the Jackson molestation and alchohol controversy in 2005....

A reminder :
Time just flies. Make the most of whatever you have.

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