Thursday, August 5, 2010

I want to go back to the time

When innocence was natural, not fake
When getting high meant on a swing , not promotions
When drinking meant rasna orange, not beer or whiskey
When dad was the only hero, not Tom or Brad
When love was Mom's hug, not the girl/boy friends
When Dad's shoulder was the highest place on earth and not your destination
When your worst enemies were your siblings and not your best friend
When the only thing that could hurt were bleeding knees, not the tears falling down your cheeks
When the only things broken were toys, not the dying hearts
And When good byes meant TILL TOMORROW, not for YEAR and YEARS...

Courtesy - Alka :)


Abhay said...

Neels...A Special and a Lovely Blog..I feel every word is from the Core of the Heart...Thanks for writing such a sweet thought n Keep writing always.

Sravanthi said...

Wowwww.... its soooo very very nice.... i think these words meant you wanted a change in life and things are not going by your way... chill.. things will soon settle down.. thanks to Alka and ND

Jack Kung said...

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August21dancer said...

I love this :)