Friday, October 1, 2010

Childlike Behaviour

I was wondering if I can post few a lines on this topic. Marveling if I can make people realize that there is nothing wrong behaving like a child unless one knows where to draw the boundary and realize when and where to act in a matured manner.

Many a times I have been told that I behave like a child. Yes I do. But my retort to them is -I might have behaved in such a manner at times- that does not conclude anything about me. To know a person in and out one needs to spend an adequate amount of time. Even if I behave child like at some situations I know where to draw a line and show maturity. I have realized that our childhood stays with us forever irrespective of our age.

Childlike behavior helps one to be pure at heart and think simple in life and simplicity is always a wonderful thing. I know, I am growing fast or may be forced to grow up faster but I can't complain. Life takes you where you need to be and I don't mind taking on responsibilities. I know my child-like tendencies aren't on the extreme level. I still love to make people laugh with my stupid jokes or make them feel comfortable in my company. I can’t just pretend to be a snob.

Most people think that people who behave child like can’t take responsibilities in life. And I do feel bad for such kind of people because there is nothing wrong with relaxing a bit and acting like you did when you were a child. Acting like that is not maturity though but I can assure that acting like a child at occasions might keep one younger for long, more refreshed and energized. More like life is easier to deal with... Just like childhood.

So what is wrong in being child like???


Alka Singh said...

Wow! A very nice and innocent post :) And a valid question – What’s wrong in being childlike??
Very often, we jump to conclusions on how someone is too soon, good or bad. So I agree with you that to really know and understand a person, one needs to spend a reasonable amount of time. Also, sometimes being childlike brings a sense of pure joy; of a return to innocence and a simpler time  As grown-ups we forget this childlike sense of life. Being childlike can sometimes bring out qualities like - curiosity, play, living in the moment, abandoning worries, imagination, creativity, pure joy…It doesn’t mean that we have to abandon our responsibilities! And, knowing you, I find the so called childlike aspect of you very endearing and cheerful. You spread smiles around with that manner of yours and enjoy the moments you live  You also have a mature, responsible and deep-thinking side to you wherever its needed. So, do not lose that childlike charm in you and there is absolutely nothing wrong in being childlike, coz as you always say "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

bhavin said...

completely agree to both neeru and alka!
Being able to keep the childlike behaviour (not kiddish!) alive in yourself is the key to happiness!
Remember how we used to be so happy as children just because of a tiny toffee? Why cant it make a grownup happy? Being childlike is like keeping the no. of things that make you hapy, as large as possible... from toffees to PJs to joyrides to meaningless imaginary discussions.... thats life. And as alka said, it really is about keeping that creative, imaginative, curious side of yours active and alive! Someone tagging you childlike is much better than they having to thinkg twice about what to talk to you about!
Just be the way you are.... don't let the happiness quotient drop around you!

Abhay said...
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Abhay said...

Awww....thats a really very nice n sweets thought inscribed in words...Agreed Dost....There is no Harm in acting like a Child...

Shaz said...
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Kiran banda said...

To me, "Childlike" and "Childish" are two different things.
"Childlike" is more like being innocent, inquisitive about most obvious things (to an extent) and like.

On the other hand - "Childish" has a bit of "careless" sense to it.

If someone told you that you are "childlike" then it is more a compliment than a comment.

However, being one of the above two types could be accepted/declined and there is no rule of thumb that a particular behavior is generally acceptable :)

One can be childlike/childish with family but both are not okay at work na :)

Nevertheless, "Childlike" is okay ;)

absy said...

when i read this, i would like to become childish.but how far i can become chilidish eventhough i am a child

absy said...
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