Wednesday, August 22, 2012


On days of mere existence, I sometimes wonder. I wonder about the life! The love, the friendship, the relationships, the animosity, the anger, the books, the music, the movies, the trash - "The Unintended". The ones that are/were mightily longed for. The thoughts that are consuming me. The people that are keeping me busy. Everything and anything. Sigh!

A silent ache. I want to be in solitude - in quiet with me and myself. I am quietened. I am looking. Looking at you for answers for my unsolved puzzles, for my unanswered questions and the unspeakable that you do. And I am quietened by that charming smile of yours.I am mere reflection of the person I used to be. I try. I try so hard - I want to cry. :) I am crying. I am laughing. I am smiling. I am frowning. But you don't care. No body cares! But I will wait till -death and beyond, till you respond to my unsolved mysteries, to my questions. I will wait patiently. :) Amen!


Vidhyashankar K said...

Interesting prayer. Either to God or what you see in the mirror. Its the same both ways.

Kiran banda said...

For Shankar- One prays God when it is known that nothing much can be done ;) Looks like ND badly needs a break. Take a break and get charged up. Now that Shankar understood the post, he would take care of your leave balance :D