Sunday, January 27, 2013

Identity Crisis

What could have been a wonderful way to end a great/exhaustive week than fighting with someone on a silly pretext.The week went well but I feel very heavy from deep down. I hate picking arguments on caste/creed/religion. I sincerely feel -these are very sensitive, emotional topics to discuss. I try to restrict myself on passing any comments with this regard but sometimes when things are getting on your nerve you have nothing left to do than to retaliate - what to do after all human nature.

Fights, arguments on religion/ caste and creed is something which really chafes me. I am from Kashmir and I stay in any part of India (mind it I am not talking about world , I am talking about my own country) and I become an immigrant. People look at me as if I have done a crime in life. I am a North Indian and  I stay in South India (again mind it - my own country) and I am spoiling the culture. I want to ask this question to all those people who think I spoil the culture - please define "Which book says wearing salwar kurta is a culture? Which book says moving in your own country from one state to another is a crime?

We human beings consider ourselves to be the most elevated intellectual species. But I really wonder what happens to our intellectual senses when we discuss on sensitive topics like the ones I mentioned. Even after 62 Years of Independence we are busy fighting on topics like North India/South India - how many of us have ever tried to realize that removing north and south from North/South India we are left with one word India and that should ideally be our identity. That is what should matter. How I wish so!

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