Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Friday the 13th/ The Wallet which I lost/ The Emotions

The title of the post might sound a bit confusing but what to do when the writer has multitude of thoughts in her head. When the thoughts are multiple and one tries to structure them - that is how a post comes up. I am trying to relate all the titles of the post together so that I can give a sequence to my thoughts which are popping out from all directions. I am feeling a little restless from some days - may be that is normal for most of us or may be my brain is functioning more than normal these days. ;) Most of time this weekend I have felt sorry for myself. Not because I had a fight with someone (which I am never good at), not because I hurt someone but I feel extremely sorry for loosing something very dear to me.

They say one should never feel self pity because it leads to depression. And I do believe that depression is the result of negative focus. One of the cause of depression is getting emotionally trapped to something dear - be it tangible or intangible asset.If one is bonded emotionally to something and looses it -the person can be in a great state of misery, great state of depression.

Friday the 13th is considered as not so good day -  I am not sure what story is associated to it. I am a non believer of such things but this Friday the 13th (Sept 2013) really made me rethink my belief. My 10 year old wallet was lost in an auto .It had all my precious belongings (mind it- its not about the money, or the credit/debit cards which I am talking about) - its about various others things which were present in my wallet for which when I think again and again I feel bad/depressed. They say money can buy everything but what about the emotions attached to things, to people. I personally think no one can buy them." They are precious."

The wallet - (the gift from my dad) was not only something where I stored my money and cards. It was a store house of memories , store house of many unforgettable moments which will never come back. I might sound like a fool but it really was one of the biggest assets of my life. I am not blaming anyone for my precious loss. Neither the auto wala nor God. Its my own mistake which I will remember for years from now and may be each time I get down from the auto I will make sure I do not leave my belongings in it - neither in the form of cash nor my in the form of my faded memories. Lesson learnt for whole life.

That was something NEW which Friday - The 13th taught me. - emotions and precious memories to be taken care of in a safer way. Does that answer your question dear friend? :)

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Vidhyashankar K said...

The small things in life matter the most. But inspite of our best efforts, when something leaves us, it is time to welcome the new. An attachment is hard to let go of but when it happens, its for the ultimate good.

Great post, keep writing.