Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Remembering you mom :-)

I haven’t been upto much lately - except that today I feel a bit weird and vacuum from inside. I know I haven’t been a great kid at times but you have always been the most wonderful and rational mother one can ever have. They say you realise the worth of a person in his/her absence and its proven right.

Today, for some reason - I feel like jabbering everything- like an overjoyed kid  -like the way I would have, had you been in front of me mom. I wish I could just put my head in your lap and abuse, be illogical, be my own self and wicked because you have never judged me. I feel like wandering about aimlessly in this world.  How I wish I could question the age old futile conventions and traditions which are from my understanding no good to people unless one really knows what they are following.
I wish I could sit with you without calculating my seconds, minutes and hours.  I wish I could listen to you and your unsaid pain.

How I wish I could do it today!

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