Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wander Mind

I stumbled at my blog today after a long time. May be there is a soar in my heart which I do not want to express or may be I am too emotional at times to be a practical independent woman. I read somewhere today - Expectation are the root cause of heart ache. Oh I totally agree to it. But my only question to ask at present is why should you not expect things or few words of empathy from your near and dear ones. Is that something really big to ask for? If people have expectations way beyond your capabilities - isn't it a good thing? What is wrong in expecting a phone call from your dear friend or a text message from a friend who is miles away from you.
I really don't know the reason for writing this post. But there are things which I want to share and I find peace when I let my thoughts and feeling flow through this medium.
For a long time now - I have many a times  felt like I am standing on a riverbank just watching the water of life go by - sometimes too scared to jump in and play. May be - I have been always waiting for the perfect current to come so that I could ride all the way to the completion of my intensely detailed life goals.I never wanted to move until I was certain. Life is flowing like the water itself and as the days pass and you look back you see changes - changes in all aspects!
As they say going with the flow is best part of life. Some days you will  have your way and some times it will drain you out. Either way, it's experience.

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