Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I read it somewhere:
  •  Love yourself first
  •  See your problems as opportunities to grow and become a wiser person
  •  Seek ways to find creative solutions for your personal challenges
  •  Compartmentalize your problems
  •  Learn to laugh at yourself
  •  Do several acts of kindness each day
  •  Empathize with others but don’t absorb their problems
  •  Learn to compartmentalize your most difficult struggles
  •  Maintain your core values and be confident about adhering to them
  •  Seek advise but always make your own decisions and be accountable for them
  •  Know it’s ok to leave a job if there’s an unhealthy corporate culture
  •  Accept there isn’t a perfect resolution for every conflict and not every conflict warrants indefinite energy to solve
  •  Seek feedback from a wise mentor
  •  Embrace your positive traits so you can confidently admit to the negative ones and work at changing them
  •  Reach out to your network for support and reciprocate support to others
  •  Let go of a dysfunctional relationships
  •  Give others the benefit of the doubt
  •  Surround yourself with other happy people
  •  Drop unhappy behaviours
  •  Don’t think there’s a resolution for every problem or conflict
  •  Don’t stubbornly persist in a fundamentally dysfunctional relationship
  •  Don’t deny your core values and submit yourself to someone’s who contradicts yours
  •  Let go of notion that you can manage and fix everyone else’s problems
  •  Let go of fake friendships (ones that aren’t reciprocal) or ones that force you to abandon your values
  •  Don’t assume you’re the only one who has struggles and problems
  •  The closer you look into people’s lives you’ll find that everyone has challenges large and small and they surface at different periods of their lives
  •  Don’t hold grudges
  •  Don’t remain in an unhealthy corporate culture that stifles your creativity
  •  Don’t allow others who know less than you influence your decisions
  •  Don’t persist in defending your negative traits or negative thoughts
  •  Don’t avoid feedback of all kinds
  •  Don’t decline support from your network

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