Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Sunset Point - Pune - Lonavala - 2015
There is a stillness in atmosphere which I cannot define. As always, thoughts flicker in the depths of my mind. Sigh! Right now down the memory lane, I see an archive of fragments - forgotten tales, lost memories, beautiful people and enriching experience. I come back to my writing after a gap of 2 months. I am not sure what keeps me “busy” these days. I am also not sure what make me write today. I am also not sure what makes me happy and sad at times. It’s tough at times to keep your feelings under control. I heard someone saying today that feelings are dumb. So true! Don’t ever respond to them. Just experience them. But we in our eagerness and foolishness become slaves to our own feelings which are deceptive and temporary at times.
I somehow realise today that the most important thing in life is the most misunderstood. I crave for mountains, sea, vastness of night sky and all the more I crave for woods where my heart wants to be! I crave for a place we can go - where the troubles of our time are far away.

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Vidhyashankar K said...

Nicely said. While our feelings are not dumb, the ability to stay objective without reacting to them is the real art.

Becoming a slave to feelings too is quite essential as it enriches us. But knowing when to step away is what gives us wisdom. The knowledge of experiencing is more important than avoiding.