Sunday, December 23, 2007

The man and the victory

Facing a debacle in 2004 General Elections, BJP has come out with a thumbing victory in the assembly elections held some days back in Gujarat with Narandra Modi on a hat trick. What does that mean?? This simply implies that this man (BJP party) has got some potential and people of Gujarat have approved his work since past five years. They have positively voted for continued growth and development of their state.Inspite of all the mud sledding people of Gujarat have given Modi and BJP party a green signal and a respectful mandate.

Many accuse Modi of being a person responsible for the slaughter of hundreds and thousands minority people. They consider him being the most ardent and fiery orator but the result of the assemble elections in which BJP has whole got 117 out of 182 seats shows that man and his victory is unstoppable.

Now the question arises will the victory change the national politics? Let us wait and watch as the mystery continues to unfold. :)

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Abhay said...

I agreed....He is a Man who can change India's look and feel.I like his SMS to 'Star News' that"I was the CM...I am the CM and will always be CM"I like his dedication towards India(Like Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, though they are from Opposite Parties) but their GOAL is same and i.e. Development in India.