Sunday, December 2, 2007

If tomorrow comes

Sometimes nothing matters in life. You wake up from a deep slumber and realize that there are loads of things to be done but postponing things of high importance has become your hobby. The reason being - you are quite lazy to do things.

Postponement is simply unintelligent. Tomorrow you will also have to decide, so why not today? And do you think that tomorrow you will be wiser than today? Do you think that tomorrow you will be nimble than today? Tomorrow you will be older, your courage will be less. Tomorrow death will come closer and you will start wavering and being more afraid. Never postpone for the tomorrow. And who knows? (Kal Ho Na Ho!). Tomorrow may come or may not come. If you have to decide you have to decide right now. Make up your mind. Don't let the present moment go from your hands.

Tomorrow never comes, they say, but no matter how often it is said, it seems that most of us tend to forget the truth of it. In fact, the one and only result of postponing things is a dull and depressing feeling of incompletion. The relief and happiness you will feel once you put aside all the dithering thoughts that are preventing you from acting now will make you wonder why you ever waited so long.


deepa said...

I somehow have a feel that you have worked quite a lot on your project ;-) which inspired you to write this blog
if you have not...then...
but I am implemenating what you wrote...writing the comment TODAY itself :D

Jokes apart, nice blog

Kiran banda said...

"Postponement is simply unintelligent" - may be this is true, but at times I postpone reacting to an issue (be at work or in life) and just pray that the issue goes away by itself, and honestly, it worked for me;-) (like they say, sometimes "ignorance is bliss", I see "postponement" on the same lines ;-) ).. try it out :-)

Sudeep D'Souza said...

I don't think we willfully postpone things. It is not our intention to postpone things (hopefully) but typically what happens is that events cause the postponement either directly or indirectly and I think this is okay as long as we keep everyone related to the event informed about the postponement.

I don't think Kiran's idea of ignoring a problem will cause it to go away (we all do it). It may sleep for a while but when it wakes up it may be uncontrollable - so however uncomfortable dealing with the problem may be it might be a better idea to deal with the problem then and there.

Abhay said...

Tomorrow never comes--i feel a bit philosophical in my life because i feel to complete the Task by Tommorow,if something is left incomplete for Today...Because Future and Tommorow are somewhere near to each other.

Ryan said...

Keeping work for tomorrow is important because i have realised that no one gets rewards if he/she has no work. Cheers to procastination... and more over "tomorrow never dies".... but , but , but.... never be caught not finishing work ..... cheerio