Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Take chances in life
Tell the truth
Learn to say NO gently and sometimes firmly
Spend your money on the things you love
Get to know someone random
Say I love you to someone in life
Feel the true love
Tell the idiot how he/she hurts you
Scold someone who deserves it
Laugh till your stomach pains
Dance even if you are bad at it
Pose stupidly for photos
Get drunk for a while
Be naughty like a child
Gaze at stars in the night
Sit alone, watch the rain and cry
See the tides in the ocean all alone on the shore
Listen to the silence - it has much to say
Go on a long vacation
Tell your family and friends you need them
Help a blind man/woman cross the road
Do things which you are scared of
Watch a child grow
Help someone to study
Forgive someone today
Keep conversations going even if they are futile
Listen to someone in need
Be bold enough to accept the defeat
Stand for what you think is right
Don't allow people to underestimate you
Stop blaming people
Learn from your mistakes
Give a smile to someone today
Clean you locality
Go to an orphanage
Give someone hug when they need it and make sure you get many too
Question the existence of life

Live, Love and Laugh for all the pleasure and pain in life!


Savvy said...

Am gonna have everything added to my bucketlist !! good one Neelam !! keep writing :)

Rajivkk said...

Wow...the whole life's got covered in these sentences...feels good when we learn the righteous every now and then !!!

Vidhyashankar K said...

very nice one. Lots of feeling in those statements. Keep going.

Alka Singh said...

Wow !! Such a nice, delightful and thoughtful post ! Every line written carries a beautiful feeling and a msg that life, when lived thru these moments can indeed be wonderful :-) Keep sharing such straight-from-the-heart posts :-)