Friday, April 20, 2012


Winter, chill, silence in dark, sound of rain, flowing water, mountains, emotions, love, attachments, spirituality, divinity, books scattered on the bed, coffee, familiar stranger(s), conversations - I wonder how just thinking about such things can make me pen down some lines in my blog. There is multitude of thoughts going across my mind right now. Sigh! Let me put down something.

Rain hasn’t been too kind lately. Dark clouds fill up the evening sky only to disappear within minutes. A sudden cold breeze crosses in the sky. No rain drops even an hour later. I remember there were times during college days when standing on a bus stop on busy road amidst heavy crowd, rain would splash without a signal of caution.

Rain is something which I have always adored - it gives respite, solace to the seeking soul. The beautiful sound of rain is a blessing for a writer or for someone who wishes the ink to flow. And as I write this post my memories take me 10 years back when the city/people were unknown to me. Yes I am 10 year old (not by age certainly) although I wish I was.:)

I just realized that this is my 10th year in the city. A decade of my lifetime has been spent in this wonderful city. As I look back - I see so much has changed - life, relations, and friends. It has been a surreal experience to spend a decade in this city with wonderful lot of people around. So much to learn from every one's experience. So many conversations - funny, happiness shared, love, fights, friendship, emotions, feelings and what not.

Unbelievable how time just flies. Right before your eyes, but you don't recognize.


Vidhyashankar K said...

Looks like the Gods read your post. It actually rained the very same night.

Reminiscing on our past is a wonderful way of knowing how much we have moved on. Do not forget to give thanks to all that you are.

Savvy said...

Good one Neelam:)
reminds me , its been a decade since i completed my high school!! this one brought back a lot of memories . Thanks a lot :)