Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Marriage – Which one would you favour?

While sipping a cup of cold cappuccino at CCD and gossiping on some usual stuff with Mark yesterday, our informal conversation suddenly broke into an argument. Well, the discussion was – which marriage is better rather successful-love or arranged?

Mark, like most of the present generation youth has an acumen point - love marriage is more successful than arranged marriage – to which I do agree (to some extent) but not 100 % since I have my own reasons to support my point.

Marriage has always been a big concern particularly - for children belonging to orthodox families. Whenever we talk of marriages, especially in India - an arranged marriage is considered as the most sagacious union. (God knows why?), probably because in an arranged marriage the suitable spouses are chosen by the parents and second reason being security and protection it offers. On the other hand to abnegate an arranged marriage is considered as a sign of disrespect. It has also been seen from statistics that the divorce rate for arranged marriages is much lower than those of love marriages. This does not imply that arranged marriages are successful than the love marriages. Just like arranged marriages, love marriages also have their own advantages.

Today young couples are not getting married only because they love each other. The new reasons are friendship, care, trust, respect, independence even a companion with whom one can share oneself. Today couples don’t marry for security and protection, but for companionship, emotional compatibility and mutual affection. That is the reason best couples are those who are the best of friends.

So, it is difficult to predict the perfect sort of marriage and hence it totally depends on an individual to decide whether he/she wants to have a love or arranged marriage after all it a question of being happy in life and also a one time investment ;) - Courtesy - The New Nation


abhay said...

Very rightly said "It is difficult to predict the perfect sort of marriage".Basic thing a couple needs is compatibilityty/ Understanding(To live HAPPILY).A person knows what kind of person he/she is going to get(IN Love Marriage).Above all how can v forget these days avaricious people(Dowry lovers + Murderers)comes into picture after Arranged Marriages....

Kiran banda said...

I have read articles and jokes on this debate "Love vs Arranged marriage" and my opinion is - whatever it is- be it Love marriage or an arranged one,what matters the most is - trust, mutual regard, understanding and above all the company (that you are with (should be enjoyable) ). I believe, for a happier life, the roots of the relationship doesn't matter but the relationship itself :-)