Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reaons to be a child

Hum bhi agar bacche hote, naam hamara hota dabloo babloo khane ko milte ladooo and duniya kehte ...Happy children's day...Happy children's day...Happy children's day to you :)

Children's Day today and I want to be a child again...A baby rather.Why ? Why not?

Endless reasons:

1. Mommy "pani", Mommy "pani", Mommy "pani"...Drink as much as I want and don't bother what to do with the rest. Pour it on the carpet, sofa, floor and toss the "g(l)ass" on the floor.

2. Tutu (Susu)...He he he why waste time going to it anywhere :P:P.

3. Food...I want to eat what I want to eat. No fixed menu please. If I don't like it I will have it made on the fly.

4. I want my folks to pay me attention (read - be in attention...Savdaan!!).

5. Not to wait for someone to say yes.............rejoice with my fellas.

6. I want people to appreciate my intellect and intelligence.

One block over another, one new word and appreciation...clap!clap!clap!


Abhay said...

jabardast...Mindblowing....Gazab.. Tusse Gr8 hoo jee...kamaal kar deta tussee

satty said...

U uploaded your best pic here thats wat i like most everything is gud.

Rajshekhar said...

Sahi hai ...agar bacche hi office aane ki ....MBA padhne ki zaroorat hi na hoti .....

anamika said...

areee tum ne to mere dil ki baat likh dali...woow!!!!

nasrun said...
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nasrun said...

Well the best part about this post- it relates to everyone. Wile going through- why not? I went back to my my memory lane and collected many things one of them was ......Whenever I used to have a call from nature I used to go with flow, not caring for sofa or Mama's lap , world used to be mine.Not only this, I want it and I want it used to be funda in childhood. Good work actually,You reminded me what I have forgot about me. The only thing I didn't liked is that song as an intro, it sounds repetitive, rest of the post is excellent.