Monday, November 26, 2007

Watch Out!! - Ever wondered why some make it big?

The most successful top level executives were not necessarily the smartest kids in the class, nor was their education or pedigree. They were just ordinary people who rose to become extraordinary leaders with time. Archetypal life-shaping experiences contributed to them turning out as extraordinary leaders with time.

Some common traits have emerged that have made them successful and a source of inspiration for others to follow: First is their character that makes them always act in good purpose of the enterprise. Second is their appetite to lead and always in charge of the situation, critically examining ones own values, beliefs, behaviors and even if it is not ones job always figuring out root of the problem or opportunity. Third is the capacity to take calculated personal risk without specific knowledge of how to succeed. Fourth is the innate capacity to be decisive at all times and making tough choices. Fifth is the ability to inspire and engage all. Selling something and getting others to buy in. Connecting with others and understanding what motivates others – also walking the talk and speaking their language, enlisting them as much by ones own deeds than just words. Sixth is being a parent at work, helping others to grow and to perform exceptionally.

Last, being a team builder. Gathering and leading a group in common endeavor, and succeeding, thus making average players to play like stars. Adding new members and weeding out underperformers. Setting direction and changing it while keeping them together. (Extract from - Business World)

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deepa said...

Good one. The points are in typical Business magazine lang so even a simple thing sounds tough..hehe

I feel my babes is a better writer who expresses things in her own words so beautifully that a common person can relate to it very easily :)