Thursday, April 16, 2009

Vote and Care

I don't care who you vote for (well, I wanted to but...), just VOTE please.Remember, many people in this world don't get a chance to decide their future. You do.

Thursday, April 16, 2009 – Voting day for Hyderabad - I could not do much because I never found my name in the Voter’s list irrespective of filing my papers. I never voted - I was very interested to vote this time but somehow laziness has made me corrupt. I have just one request to make : Please go and VoTe!

An intestering article - from TOI

NEW DELHI – Even in the world’s largest democracy everything is being done to make every vote count. This is apparently clear in the Indian state Gujarat, where a polling booth is set up for one single voter.

In the remote village of Banej, far into the Gir Forest, the guru Bharatdasji Bapu lives alone in a temple and is the sole voter in the area. Especially for him a voting booth is set up in a nearby ashram. Speaking to Indian media, the guru made clear that he intends to cast his vote on April 30, when Gujarat is set to vote in the third phase of India’s parliamentary elections that start today.

Besides the single voter booth in Gujarat a polling booth for only two voters is set up in the state Chhattisgarh and two booths for three voters is set up in Arunachal Pradesh.

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S.Mahathi said...

Quite surprising that even for one voter a booth is set up.
The TOI by this news is telling the importance of a single vote though,coz single vote may change our leader may be thats way the vote of every individual is very very important.